In a recent heartwarming event, Mrs. Thandi Ngcobo, the dynamic CEO of Zamadunga Business Enterprise, was honored for her vital support in a significant community event.

Mr. Siviwe Benya, Chairperson of the Mayibuyi Youth Organisation, along with Mr. Sakhile Maphalala, presented Mrs. Ngcobo with a certificate of appreciation and a photo frame. This was in recognition of her unwavering support during the organization of the “Peace In Africa with Discovery Vitality” sporting event in 2023, held at the Durban Beachfront Empitheatre.

Mrs. Ngcobo, through her leadership at Zamadunga Business Enterprise, established in 2003 in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, has not only made remarkable strides in the construction and project management industry but also played a pivotal role in community development. Her enterprise is recognized for its commitment to delivering quality, cost-effective work in a safe and healthy environment. The company has been lauded with several accolades, including the Master Builders 2018 Award for Women in Construction and the 2009 IDT Gold Medal.

Thandi Ngcobo’s journey from the founder of a black woman-owned enterprise to a key community supporter exemplifies her dedication to both industry excellence and social responsibility. For more about her and Zamadunga Business Enterprise’s journey, visit Zamadunga Business Enterprise.