The Mayibuyi Youth Organisation concluded it’s school tour drive campaign at Mahatma Primary School. Sgt. Merl Govender from Phoenix SAPS warned the learners about social ills facing young South Africans in and out of schools premises that include; Drugs and alcohol abuse, Bullying and sexual harassment that all amounts to a crime. Learners were advised to report all wrongdoings to their educators, parents, South African Police Service by dialling 10111 or to Social workers.

Mrs Sharleen Pillar from Durban Mental health had the flowing as her comment, “As much as we can talk about discipline in school, my personal opinion is discipline must first start in the home amongst the closest. Studies have reflected many children inherit their habits from more especially the bad ones and expecting it to be repaired by the educators. Educators job is to teach the school-going children. The learners of today are our leaders that form so proper nurturing them is important in discipline, respect and also have a sound mind to enjoy them growing up.”

Mrs. Sharleen Pillay a Social worker from Durban Mental Health had this as her comment, “Addressing learners of today’s day and age has to be made a priority… With this being said, Mentally Healthy Children are created when we address them holistically on relevant and realistic stressors. With this theme in mind, I presented the children on ways to stay mentally healthy by focusing on self-love, strengthening their relationships with family and friends, and most importantly becoming aware of their problems. Acknowledging that bullying, peer pressure, dysfunctional families and Substance abuse is rife and challenging… I provided the learners with coping skills for living. Joint initiatives with other NGOs create a platform for creating change. Mental Health is the wealth of a nation and in breaking the stigma surrounding negative labelling of mental health care users.”

Mrs Saroj Govender from Ward 49 War Room also commented with the following, ” Chairperson and the founder of Mayibuyi Youth Organisation Mr Siviwe Benya assured other schools who were looking forward to be visited by our school tour drive campaign that arrangements will be made as a continuity of our school tour drive campaign once exams are over. This was said because of the high demand for this school tour drive campaign by other Schools and community leaders.

School Principal of Mahatma Primary Mr Reddy extended his Gratitudes to all community stakeholders and to Mayibuyi Youth Organisation, he encouraged them to continue their good work voluntarily for the benefit of the communities.”