Mayibuyi Youth Organisation started its tour drive campaign in Eastbury Secondary School. This joint venture with other community, stakeholders was a great success. Aiming to educate and empower young South Africans in our local schools with social challenges facing our communities such as; Drugs and alcohol abuse, Crime,
Violence, Poverty, Unemployment, Early pregnancy, HIV&AIDS, domestic violence, child and woman abuse, promotion of a non-racial society, bullying, Condemning destruction of government infrastructure by learners during the protest of educational issues, Promotion of discipline in school premises.
Founder and the Chairperson of Mayibuyi Youth Organisation Mr Siviwe Benya encouraged the learners to be responsible citizens. He also encouraged learners to take their education career seriously. Learners were also reminded that self-discipline along their journey of life will take them a long way.

Learners were also warned that as they embark in Secondary school preparing to enter University level, they should try not to be listed amongst University Students who decide to voice their anger by destroying and burning University infrastructure as the case in UKZN. Forgetting that the very same infrastructure should be utilized by the next coming generation as well, they were also told that violence does not solve problems. The only solution in any problem is to engage on a round table for a solution. Learners were informed that the reasons students enter University institutions are to acquire more knowledge that will benefit them and the broader community.

Universities should not be used as a political zone rather a learning environment that is peaceful for all. Said Mr Benya Community stakeholders present were; South African Police Services represented by Sgt. Merl Govender based in Phoenix. South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) represented by Mrs Saroj Govender.
The social sector represented by Miss. Deloshnie Sagadevan. TPA legal forum represented by Mrs. Eva Munsamy. eThekwini Safer Cities represented by Mrs. Colleen Munsami and Department of Social Development (DSD) represented by Miss. Gugulethu Khumalo.

Eastbury Secondary School Principal and Educators were so grateful about the presentation

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