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2021 Virtual Race

We are excited to present the 2021 Peace In Africa Marathon, which will held online in partnership with Discovery Vitality. Runners will be able to to participate in a 5km , 10km and 21 km race – and may run from any where in the country. The race will occur on the 29th and 30th of May 2021. Participants are required to register on EventTiming , with the entry cost at R80 per entry.

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Peace In Africa 2021 – 5km

Peace In Africa 2021 – 10km

Peace In Africa 2021 – 21km

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The Peace in Africa Marathon was initially established in 2016, with the intention of uniting all people in Africa and abroad through Peace. Our annual race consists of 21.1km, 10km and 5km run/walk. This race was established as a result of Xenophobia that was experienced in Durban during 2016. During that time we have experienced people setting alight other human beings alive, and we have seen foreign businesses being looted. This unfair behavior threatened innocent lives including Woman and Children from other Countries.


Mayibuyi Youth Organization then decided to embark on Peace and Unity initiatives such as Peace in Africa marathon with the aim of preaching harmony and love, irrespective colour of skin. Inspired by former President Nelson Mandela, we then choose a marathon because it is a sporting activity. Former President Nelson Mandela once said, “Sport has a powerful to change the world, it is the power to inspire, it is the power to unite people in a way that little us does, it speak to youth in a language they understand, Sport can create hope where once there was only despair”. We are also conducting school visits educating our youth about social ills and moral regeneration, alongside engaging in community dialogue, to discuss social challenges with the view to bring solution rather than violence.

We wanted to find out some of the causes of xenophobia and have identified the following social challenges; Poor educational background, poverty, anger and violence, poor living conditions, Small Medium Enterprise (SME’s) high competition, Unemployment, lack of skills development, poor healthy lifestyle, Drugs and alcohol abuse, lack of self-disciple and a sense of humour directed to other human beings.

The Peace in Africa has hosted participants from the United States of America, Russia, India, Uruguay, Ireland, Lesotho, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Japan, China and other countries. Through this growing number of people participating, xenophobia has been reduced in each participant’s respective residential communities. The success of the event has also encouraged us, event organizers, to continue the good work of promoting peace. As a result each and every year this event continues to grow bigger and bigger. Xenophobic attacks have decreased and are lower as a result of our annual Peace in Africa event in Durban.


Through Peace, In Africa half marathon we are hoping to unite everyone in South Africa, within the African continent and abroad through the power of peace and unity, irrespective of religious, cultural background, language, beliefs, gender and disability. We hope to reduce the level of hatred based on Nationality and Racism.

Establishing Annual Peace In Africa brings together Religious leaders, community leaders, youth leaders, Church leaders, Government departments, different NGO’s, business forum and many more community stakeholders to remind one another to play his or her role as a community leader and unite everyone within the community through the power of Peace.

It means that Young people from all backgrounds shall come together and unite embracing a rainbow nation, spirit of sharing, working together, showing the spirit of peace and love. Young people are encouraged to be responsible citizens, take education seriously, and embark in Sporting activities to improve a healthy lifestyle.