Dear Community Members,
Regarding the Phoenix unrest, our view as Mayibuyi Youth Organization is that we totally condemn
the violence and looting that we recently witnessed in our community of Phoenix – as this act
contributes more to poverty and unemployment in our country.

We demand that law enforcement agencies fast-track the arrest of all those behind killings of more
than 20 people, in addition for the police to arrest those behind burning of more than 40 cars in
Phoenix, and for those responsible for looting and burning of stores and businesses to be arrested.
Our trust remains with law enforcement agencies now, that they will do their duties without fear or
favour by arresting those who decided to take the law into their own hands.

We demand justice for
those victims of this violence. We also urge the community of Phoenix to come forward with any
information that will help the police to arrest suspects in this regard. We demand that the human
rights commission to play its role.

Mayibuyi Youth Organisation’s solution in this situation, is that all community members should
embark in robust community dialogues with the aim to go deep to the root cause of suspected racial
tension that exists between African people and Indian people. Out of these community dialogues we
hope to build meaning-full social cohesion and unity building through peace and stability

We strongly believe that both nations need one another as has always been the case. We want
peace between people living in Bhambayi area, Zwelisha area, Phoenix area, Amauta area
KwaMashu area and Ntuzuma areas.

What we have experienced does not reflect all Indian people and African people – as people of
violence. For this reason, we are calling for all peace-loving community members in affected areas to
come forward with information that will assist in arresting perpetrators.
We are calling for urgent peace and calm in our society.

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